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A SaaS solution enabling the collation, analysis and reporting of ESG data from multiple 3rd-party providers 

We enable the investment community to separate the ESG signal from the noise

Data aggregation engine

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Many portfolios suffer from data overload with multiple sources for different asset classes and data points. Our data aggregation engine allows the asset owner to build up a golden copy of their ESG data which then becomes the sole and primary source of all reporting and data-driven decision making. KYF becomes the firm’s ESG Book of Record. This consolidated and auditable view ensures that client institutions can accurately and efficiently meet their ever-increasing ESG regulatory reporting requirements.

Adopt boiler-plate investment rules and intitiatives or design bespoke versions to apply as you see fit to your investment portfolios.  Generate real-time breach alerts to ensure ongoing compliance with you investement mandates.

Rules and initiatives developer

Initiatives screenshot.png

Portfolio look-through engine

Lookthrough screenshot.png

Effortlessly interrogate your ESG data metrics at all investement levels: from a firm-wide view down through multiple fund-of-fund tiers to the individual underlying securities, our look-through engine enables transparent and comprehensive oversight of your investments.

Regulatory report generator

Create report screenshot.png

Our report generation facility enables the automated creation and storage of the ever-increasing number of ESG regulatory reports.  The creation of bespoke, in-house reports is a also a feature of the highly intuitive user interface.

Low friction portfolio upload

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Simple bulk-upload of portfolio holdings via XML, CSV, JSON file or directly via API

Ease of integration through our SaaS platform

KnowYourFunds is delivered via a secure, browser-based interactive dashboard enabling a seamless integration into our clients' existing workflows

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