Future-proof sustainable and responsible investment oversight and compliance

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Continuous, automated, scalable oversight for institutional investments at a fraction of the cost.

Navigate the complexity and developing nature of regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions with our adaptable SaaS solution.

Reduce the risk of greenwashing

The reputational, commercial and legal jeopardy of greenwashing means that it is increasingly important to be able to justify the sustainable and responsible investment credentials of your funds.

The KnowYourFunds platform delivers a robust institutional second line of defence to check, record and evidence that your investments are consistent with stated ESG goals, reducing greenwashing risk across your organisation and helping to instil trust in the sector.

Reduce Greenwashing Risk
Trusted, independent safeguard against greenwashing claims
ESG Compliance
Best-in-class compliance oversight

Turn ESG compliance into a competitive advantage

In an environment of increasing regulatory scrutiny and investor focus, the highest levels of compliance are essential to winning and keeping client mandates.

By delivering best-in-class compliance oversight, our client institutions are able to maximise opportunities from this commercial USP.

Lower costs & resource requirements

Realise significant savings in costs and resourcing with our SaaS-solution by achieving best-in-class oversight output with maximum efficiency.

ROI analysis shows typical savings of ca. 65% vs existing systems and processes.

Efficiency Chart
Typical savings of ca. 65%
ESG Data

Track your adherence to net zero targets over time

Monitor and record the performance of your investments relative to Net Zero commitments.

ESG Data

Discover your exposure to climate transition risk

Incorporate Climate Transition Risk monitoring into the platform for a holistic, forward-looking data-management tool.

Reporting on Asset Types

Oversight and reporting on all asset classes

The KnowYourFunds platform accommodates multi-asset portfolios with the option to integrate private assets in your oversight and reporting capabilities.

Multiple data sources

Manage and map multiple data-sources (internal and external) in our single platform to enable analysis and oversight of your investments through different data lenses.

Oversight of Your Investments
Data provider agnostic