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A New Standard in
ESG Data Oversight
& Reporting

Accuracy, efficiency & transparency for Asset Owners, Asset Managers, ManCos and Fund Depositaries

Our aim is reduce the risk associated
with your ESG compliance

The investment community faces numerous technological, regulatory, commercial and audit challenges relating to their ESG and sustainability commitments

Regulatory Risk

ESG issues are moving from a mainly voluntary disclosure-oriented dimension to a regulatory one with significant implications for how ESG information is collected, verified, and acted upon within an organization

Reputational Risk

Failure to correctly identify, report and mitigate ESG-related issues can lead to serious reputational risks and accusations of "greenwashing"

Customer Risk

Investors increasingly want to understand ESG-related commitments and value transparent, trustworthy and ideally independently assured ESG data

Commercial Risk

A lack of adequate consideration of ESG-related issues risks limiting access to the estimated $2.5 trillion invested globally in sustainable assets by mid-2022

Resources and insights

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